Animal Crossing New Horizons, does Nintendo change your mind about bailout recovery?

Nintendo’s policy regarding the recovery of Animal Crossing New Horizons bailouts in the event of technical problems with Switch continues to be discussed.

In the last Direct, the Grande N announced that the game would not support cloud saves but that a special backup server would be created for exceptional cases – such as those in which a user would lose their data later to a console failure.

However, the wording about the restriction of a save per user recovery imposed by the use of this server, which first appeared during the aforementioned Direct, has been removed in the video now available on YouTube.

This has been replaced with a note in which the Japanese company says that further details on “will be shared at a later date”.

This change seems to suggest at least that, following the fan reaction, Nintendo is reflecting on the possibility of reviewing its plans on the subject.

Curiously, cloud saves are guaranteed to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers on selected titles, and it is not clear why New Horizons should be an exception to this ‘rule’.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is out on March 20, and here we have collected all the news from the latest dedicated Nintendo Direct.

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