Analysts: the old life cycles for consoles no longer exist

Since the mid-generation consoles entered the market, the idea was clear: the old life cycles of the consoles no longer exist. Certainly not as we used to know them. This is confirmed by Mat Piscitella, a market analyst for NPD, who after the excellent month of PS4 and Xbox One in the USA pointed out that the console market no longer follows the traditional template with stagnant numbers and little decrease before the change of generation. As explained by the analyst: Piscatella, in short, explains that the trend of the console market is change, because we have left the pattern for which, after a few years, we they began to see the slowdowns that made it necessary to launch a more current console and introduce the next generation: For this unpredictability, explains the analyst, it is more probable that there are margins of error, when the possible console market numbers. It will be curious to see, at this point, what impact the future debuts of the new Xbox (possible code name Scarlett) and of PlayStation 5, now in progress, will have in this environment. nte: ResetEraArticles CorrelatiBethesda: the concept of exclusivity? Obsolete79 million PS4, but how do you square compared to other PlayStation? PS4 Pro has benefited from the launch of Xbox One X, according to Michael PachterThe launch of Twitch on Xbox One was a success

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