Among the assets of Red Dead Redemption 2 also the Switch pro controller: why?

The dataminer, always ready to dissect the contents of the video games, made a rather curious discovery: by vivisecting Red Dead Redemption 2, in fact, they found that the game hides the it also contains the image of a Nintendo Switch Pro controller – like those that are shown in the screens that explain (or do map) the controls, to understand each other.

The question is therefore spontaneous: why a video game released on PS4, Xbox One and finally Stadia and PC should have among its files also the controller image of a console on which it has not arrived? Hard to say: some are wondering that, as already happened for The Witcher 3 (and many others), Rockstar is not thinking about a porting adapted to the Nintendo home console, which would certainly be in technical downgrade but would also allow you to play in portability. Others, however, argue that it may simply be that there is an intention to also support the Switch Pro among the controllers that can be used in the PC edition.

For the moment there are no other details and all remain only theories: the only fact is that this image is present in the game files. We will let you know as soon as there is news.

Source: NintendoLife

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