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Starfield – Review

There is a sort of matryoshka, which contains the soul of Starfield. I am reminded of Michiko Aoyama, who I was reading in recent days and who writes «probably, ancient men, looking at birds, had wanted to fly in the sky. I imagine that at some point they realized that no matter how much they evolved, they would never grow wings. Maybe that’s why they built the planes.”

It is probably for the same reason that, after all, we started trying to conquer space, to discover at least what was hidden behind the sky: thanks to the technological momentum dictated by the Cold War, the fascination of humans for that unknowable universe that surrounds, too big to understand, has gone hand in hand with ambition. Where can we go, working together to discover what lies beyond the Earth?

Overall, Starfield emerges as a universe full of things to do, to discover, of characters to entertain you with: you will play it for hours, hours and even more hours, because it will still have so much to give you – and after about fifty hours you will barely have scratched the surface and explored the main areas of the cities where the countryside led you.

This is its greatest advantage: like Bethesda’s best productions, its universe has an appeal all its own that keeps you coming back, and perhaps a mission that seemed to ask you to deliver a message will turn into an interplanetary intrigue. In this, Starfield is truly magnetic – and that’s what its illustrious ancestors already did very well.

It makes him smile, thinking how much Bethesda has emphasized that they are not making a Skyrim in space, because what Starfield does really well is precisely what The Elder Scrolls V was a master at: keeping you glued to every fold of his world.

What the game tries to add that is unique – the great, free space exploration – is instead the worst point of the entire production, so absurdly forgettable that it leaves you dismayed.

The Good

  • You will spend hours and hours there, absorbed by its universe
  • Top artistic direction
  • Some secondaries are even more beautiful, in structure, than the main ones
  • Excellent English dubbing, perfect Italian translation

The Bad

  • Ironically, what it does best is what it inherits from Skyrim
  • It is inherently old in multiple aspects
  • The free exploration of the planets is made up of unpresentable walks, where quantity has won over quality
  • Frustrating map UI

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