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Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V Review

You do not often see a nice ten out of these pages, and for the last generation of consoles only two titles were not captured the highest honor: we are of course talking about The Last of Us and GTA V. In both cases it was two products that pushed the most of the console of belonging, with a strong narrative but also able to entertain and to record the coveted breakthrough which he felt the need.
Needless to say, the critical acclaim and audience was unanimous (or almost) and their arrival was expected on current consoles and also granted. If for The Last of Us, however, porting was merely a technical upgrade, as you can read in our review for GTA V, things went differently, proving once again, if proof were needed, the reason for the superiority of Rockstar than the current landscape of the major development.

Living the game
Thus, we have about a year after the official launch of GTA V and our review to speak again of this masterpiece. A game that gave us strong emotions, we did have fun, made us swear online, but also made us live the stories of three protagonists extremely charismatic. This output Rockstar test again the coup attempting to break the barrier of the third-person view and introducing, for the first time in the series, the chance to play entirely adventures of Trevor, Franklin and Michael through their eyes. This next gen version comes with such a first-person view that displaces and manages to impress, putting on the plate is not just a simple change of perspective but also a review of all the controls of the game and the whole interface.
Simply insert the ability to have a camera like the FPS would not be a challenge worthy of the name, and then here is that developers Rockstar is ingeniously and are committed to give their fans something more substantial, something that can really leave you speechless open. Imagine then to be able to take up firearms as in any shooter, use the iron sight for accurate shots and make targeted and also rolled side and go into cover behind buildings or cars. Feature that most first-person shooter by the way do not meet with success are transported into a gigantic open world, now even more alive and credible.
In order to ensure a high playability throughout the set of controls was changed by the menu and now you can completely change all the key bindings with the most common ones in the FPS, moving then automatically also in the third-person view.
Rockstar in this was very intelligent, and aware that the hard core fans may still not fully appreciate this introduction has done its utmost to allow maximum freedom of customization in a myriad of options.
As an example, you can decide to pass the view from first to third when entering the coverage, or even remove the camera exclusively while driving vehicles. Which brings us to talk about a whole new set of introductions, from brand new animations for the jump to the combat (this is not practical in the first person), for parachuting and, above all, for the theft of cars , with our people who will work to break the windows with an elbow and then rip and connect the ignition wires.
Seated in the cockpit you realize that Rockstar did not stop at the simple touch-ups but has literally no exaggeration in the details. Every single car, motorcycle, boat or aircraft in the game now has a dashboard and instrumentation fully functional, complete with a tachometer and speedometer. The amazing thing is that all the car models are different, they signal a commitment to the title really impossible not to reward.

Issue targeted
But how they respond weapons? What is the feedback of the guns? You might ask … Well maybe this is really the only known not exciting production and the emergence at the side of overly arcade GTA V. The recoil is minimal and the feeling of having your hands a powerful weapon is not reflected in perfectly, a defect sorvolabile but if we think of the size of the project. The feeling is exacerbated especially with the default settings and auto-aim, an element that simplifies far too firefights. Purists, however, do not have to worry, since the four different options for the shooting appears also check for the aims completely manual, which will not just complicate things. If we add the rolled first person capable of disorientarvi, we assure you that you will find bread for your teeth if you are looking for an experience pretty tough.
Great model instead of driving, that even with this new vision does not disappoint and even manages to give exciting moments while darting through traffic or simply we are lulled by sunset next to the Santa Monica Pier with the radio blaring. If you loved the original soundtrack in this version you can find over one hundred and fifty new songs and the ability to leverage the touchpad PS4 to change song quickly will simplify the search even more of your favorite stations. Then there are obviously also important UI changes with the introduction to the first-person view of the smartphone can be used directly from the game without having to switch from 2D, another nice touch for a title that never ceases to amaze.

Yes, but the flab?
You loved GTA V on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 and you do not care to try the new first-person view? Ok, Rockstar obviously did not remain with our arms folded. Versions Playstation 4 and Xbox One run at 1080p and 30 fps, even if stability is not always guaranteed with some small decline, especially during driving more hectic, it has been noted. The graphics maniacs will love to know that all the old textures have been replaced by more defined texture and even the lighting system, with three times the light sources of the previous version, and especially the weather, now enjoy a truly superlative quality. Amazing to see Los Santos in night flight as the lights below us are becoming smaller and light pollution dazzles us in the distance. Really all we have seen in GTA V has been improved and amplified by an incredible gaming experience. Our only concern at this point is the utility to buy back the title to those who have already played and has already enjoyed the previous version and perhaps, given the full price, in this case you may decide to wait for a possible offer or some strong discount.
Did not love the little differentiation of cars in traffic of GTA V? Well, the influence of GTA Online comes to arrogance even in single player where you can now find many new vehicles whizzing by on the street and that far more people walking around the city. There are even new terrestrial and aquatic animals, with the forced introduction of the cats that now, more often, will crop up at unexpected moments during the cut scenes between missions and the other.
Of note is a better expression of the characters though, and this is worth emphasizing, the faces and the texture of the body are not up to some more recent productions views on next gen, despite a full update also on this line.
We close the brackets on technical improvements with the new routine management of the wind, particularly realistic and incredible when it breaks down on the flags, clothes and foliage.

GTA Online
The online part of GTA V is the one that suffered the most troubled trip in the last year. Initially arrived late compared to the output of the game and then updated gradually until becoming a true title in its own right with a community incredibly active and profitable in terms of content creation. He could not miss then a great deal of attention to this element of the game and Rockstar brings GTA V Next Gen all the contents of the eleven upgrades so far released online. The number of players present in a single match rises to 32, including two spectators, and all the elements currently present on the game server will find them in this new version, given the ability to import your character online (not bailouts of history Unfortunately). Still nothing robberies online unfortunately, but these will come soon according to the statement from Rockstar. Expect then a further update as they become available on the servers, we will await with excitement.

The Good

  • Tempting plot
  • Screaming gameplay
  • Immense
  • Brand new first-person view
  • Gta Online complete

The Bad

  • Your social life ends today
  • Some smear technique
  • Marginal passive skills
  • Chop is not properly used
  • Some frame-rate drops
  • Cars physics is not always perfect

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