Alan Wake 2, this is what it would be like if it were an 80s film

With the Alan Wake series we have seen Remedy stage many of the suggestions of creative genre works from various mediums, including horror and thrillers from various eras ago, but what would the story of the cursed writer be like if it were a dark fantasy film of the 80s?\r\nA question that no one has asked themselves but that perhaps we have unconsciously thought about since Alan Wake appeared for the first time in the world of video games (and then returned in the remastered version that you can find on Amazon).\r \nBut, as often happens in these cases, curiosities of this type can be taken away by artificial intelligences like Midjourney who, in the hands of someone quite eclectic, can create fascinating scenarios.\r\nEspecially in the hands of AI Robotson, content creator on YouTube who has had fun on many occasions reworking intellectual properties with the powerful Midjourney. Like with Baldur’s Gate 3, which he transformed into an 80s gothic fantasy.\r\nWhat if Alan Wake was the protagonist of a dark-tinged fantasy adventure film produced in that decade?\r\nHere is the result :\r\n\r\nAI Robotson has actually done a unique job bringing together Alan Wake 1 and Alan Wake 2 and overall, it’s fun to see.ù\r\nAs with every Midjourney creation there are things that they don’t convince us much, but some stills actually seem like an effective reworking of Alan Wake with the aesthetics and photography typical of films and TV series of the 80s.\r\nBetween the vintage of Stranger Things and Goosebumps, with a pinch of The X-Files and many suggestions in the style of Braveheart.\r\nOne of those things that we could see in passing on one of the televisions of Alan Wake 2, even if it doesn’t reach the peaks of some moments in the slightest, like \

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