Alan Wake 2 like GTA 6: boom on music streaming platforms

When video game authors choose the right songs there is nothing to do: success is guaranteed. It happened with the recent reveal of GTA 6 and it happened once again with Alan Wake 2, which gave a new boost to the Old Gods of Asgard and the last song used in Remedy Entertainment’s title.\r\nThe fictional band ( but with very real vinyl found on Amazon) that exists in the Remedy narrative universe is the equivalent of the more real Poets of the Fall, who lend their face and voice to the iconic duo seen in Alan Wake.\r \nFor this second episode, the Old Gods of Asgard have put together a real musical with all the trappings, which you can watch and rewatch in loop (which is themed) with the official music video which was published a few days ago after the launch of the game.\r\nA truly crazy moment that was replicated live during The Game Awards 2023, a performance that inevitably gave a boost to the band’s popularity.\r\nAs reported by VGC, in fact, the Poets of the Fall/Old Gods of Asgard are hitting iTunes right now.\r\n\r\nThe band entered the iTunes top 10 albums worldwide with Rebirth: Greatest Hits, just behind Coldplay’s Ghost Stories and The Very Best of the Pogues. The album released last December 8th following the launch of Alan Wake 2 was inevitably a success, therefore.\r\nThe performance of The Game Awards 2023 undoubtedly represented a boost, with around 103 million global live streams that contributed to making the band known even to those who haven’t played Alan Wake 2, probably.\r\nA situation similar to what happened with GTA 6 and Tom Petty, where the song used in the trailer quickly became a new one hit, also because it was probably not chosen at random because it tells much more than it seems.

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