Age of Mythology Retold announced as a surprise: here are the details

Long-time gamers are likely enjoying the announcement of Age of Mythology Retold , a reworking of the beloved strategy title.

A historical video game, to say the least, that you can try to recover on Amazon, and that will receive a beauty treatment, so to speak.

Probably identical work to what was done on Age of Empires II , which has recently returned in great shape.

A title that will finally arrive on consoles, with the announcement of the port for Xbox Series X | S along with the fourth chapter.

During the 25th anniversary stream of Age of Empires it was revealed that the return of Age of Mythology is in the works.

The title has remained in the hearts of fans and has been asked many times to Microsoft the return of the franchise in some way.

Age of Mythology Retold was surprise announced with a trailer, which showcases some scenes .

Here it is:

The title promises to be a definitive edition , with a treatment that will be very similar to that done on Age of Empires II .

During the stream, Age of Empires Mobile was also announced which, as the name suggests, will be a port of the strategy for smartphones and tablets.

Obviously there is no date, nor a release period for Age of Mythology Retold , and we just have to wait for more official communications.

In all likelihood it will also be yet another title on Xbox Game Pass , which now has a truly boundless catalog.

Indeed, a few years ago, Microsoft declared that it had not forgotten the title, and Age of Mythology Retold is proof of this.

There is also the perfect PC to play with , a modification we told you about some time ago that is epic.

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