After winning a Grammy, Kirby is now also very rich

Kirby is a somewhat surprising character for Nintendo because, in all tranquility, he is one of the most profitable.

His latest main adventure , which you can of course find on the Switch from Amazon, also turned out to be a very noteworthy production.

Because, as we told you in our review, Kirby and the Lost Land was a great relaunch for the character.

And while, over time, the rounded hero of Nintendo has managed to winning a Grammy Award has now become super rich.

Kirby makes a lot of money, because The Lost Land turned out to be the best-selling video game in the franchise.

As reported by IGN US , in fact, with its 85 of Metacritic the title also won box office favor, with 2.61 million copies sold in the last quarter.

For a total of 5.27 million copies since launch , beating the hitherto profitable Kirby’s Dream Land by half a measure, which is not can do is give way with its 5.13 million copies.

In the course of its financial results release, Nintendo revealed that The Lost Land had sold 4 million copies in the first fifteen weeks alone. Therefore also representing the best launch of the series in Japan.

A franchise that has also experienced a lot and deserves all its success, even with small wasted opportunities like the most recent Dream Buffet , which is not a bad product anyway.

And who knows what will happen in Kirby’s future, how the character can overcome other challenges and try to sell even more than the other episodes.

Meanwhile, Nintendo seems to want to strike while the iron is hot, or until it is soft in this case. Because during one of the last Directs, Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe was also announced, which will be released in the course of next year.

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