After the reactions, Square Enix makes the price of 80 euros for Final Fantasy VII Remake on PC disappear

That game authors are, for obvious reasons (including major costs) always looking for new ways to monetize their work, is quite clear and understandable. However, consumers have not received very well the novelty arrived with this new generation, which has seen the price ceiling rise from the previous € 69.99 to the current € 79.99 .

A maneuver that involved only gaming on consoles and not on PC , at least until a few days ago. After the announcement at The Game Awards, in fact, Square Enix had published the Epic Games Store page of Final Fantasy VII Remake in the PC version, where the price of price list: € 79.99 for the PC release of a game released in early 2020 on PS4 .

As you can imagine, the reaction of the community was not long in coming and it was not the most enthusiastic. Indeed, it was so little that, mysteriously, the price was removed from the game page . By accessing it now, although the release is very close ( December 16 ), it appears that Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade no longer has a price on PC, limiting itself to the indication “Soon available “.

It is difficult to imagine that this could mean a step backwards for Square Enix, if it had already been decided to launch the game at the fateful € 80, but we will see if there will be further news on this.

Epic Games Store updated, no more price

In the past few hours, the game had been talking and of itself also for the decidedly generous weight, which will require you to keep more than 100 GB free on your hard drives. We obviously reported the complete requirements, which you can find in the news dedicated to this address.

The price of video games is a fact that goes hand in hand with the increase in production costs: checking inflation, over the years the cost for consumers has risen it was minimal, but still noticeable.

On top of that, the industry gives more and more importance to sales during the launch period (think of the case Days Gone ), although the schedules of the releases – as will happen next February – are not inclined to keep account of the purchasing power of many games at the same time by the end user. Even more if those games cost € 80 each.

If you prefer to recover FFVII Remake on PS4, you can find it on Amazon at a reduced price.

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