After Suicide Squad, Warner Bros wants many mobile and free-to-play games

The world of video games is inexorably changing, between incessant layoffs and productions with huge budgets that flop, and Warner Bros is preparing for its personal future by moving away from triple-A, at least in intention.\r\nSuicide Squad: Kill the Justice League (the found on Amazon) was certainly a very important signal for the company, which recently shared its plans for what will be the future projects of the videogame division.\r\nAs reported by Gamespot, Warner Bros wants to abandon console games AAA “volatiles” to dedicate themselves to free-to-play and mobile devices.\r\nThe head of the company’s gaming division, J.B. Perrette spoke about it in a recent speech by Morgan Stanley, discussing future strategies.\r\nRecalling the great success of Hogwarts Legacy, the best-selling global game ever in 2023, Perrette specified that it is obviously fantastic to see the success of a AAA after the much work that is put in, but this success is not always guaranteed.\r\n\r\nTalking about the AAA market, defining it as \

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