Abandoned: Kahraman “confesses” to Kojima, the blindfolded man, Silent Hill

In a rare interview, director Hasan Kahraman gave several explanations to the many mysteries of Abandoned , the game linked by fans to Silent Hill.

Over the months, the title coming to PS5 has also been linked to Hideo Kojima and Metal Gear Solid , in an unstoppable conspiracy theory that has spread online.

Abandoned is a long way from a release but has already had its many headaches, such as the patch needed for the application through which the trailers will be shared and a playable prologue – but which, for now, has only provided the same , short teaser shown on social media.

This latest episode helped create a climate of great skepticism around the product, with the community now disillusioned with the possibilities that it could be an important project.

Kahraman finally took some time to try to clarify the multiple cases that erupted around Abandoned , and did so in a chat with NME .

The director denied that this is a new Silent Hill , explaining that the game will actually be a survival, not a survival horror, and that he has put aside its open world dimension in in favor of linear production.

« Abandoned is a shooter / survival game. It has horror elements but it’s not really a horror game. It’s not what people think – it’s Silent Hill », he explained.

NME has received details on the story and gameplay, in particular, which lead him to say that it is neither a Silent Hill nor a Metal Gear.

«Initially, we said it was going to be an open world game. But with the high quality graphics we have now, we have had to sacrifice this aspect », added Kahraman. «It’s not really open world anymore – it’s a linear story».

Abandoned will follow the story of Jason Longfield as he awakens in a mysterious forest; “After discussing Jason’s backstory, it is clear that this is not a horror at all. It is entirely something else” , they let the site know.

The director has tapped on a game mechanic that is called a new : if you run, Jason gasps and this affects his aim; if he is afraid, he gets nervous and this has an influence on the way you play.

Blue Box is doing first-person motion capture, and this will unlock possibilities that “the way you explore, the way you take damage, the way you play is completely different.”

Kahraman pointed out that Hideo Kojima is not involved, «absolutely not» , in the project, although he wanted to specify how would be it was the creator of Death Stranding who caused some confusion and even marched on it with some social shares.

he He then admitted that the launch of the Realtime Experience app “was really a big disaster . People are really disappointed. ”

He knew this would be the case, but the reason is that in order to launch the app and exit the long-awaited patch, you had to cut the teaser to the point that the latter only understood the footage that appeared on social media in the previous days.

These problems would be due to the Unreal Engine 5 , “which is in early access and is not really recommended for projects like this. But we used it anyway because we needed the features it had ».

As for the immediate future, a Cinematic Trailer is coming “very soon … like, really soon” and, although the intention was initially to launch it Gamescom , the team will now take the time to keep things running smoothly and won’t make any promises about dates.

« The Playable Prologue will be available shortly after the Cinematic reveal. But again, we don’t want to announce a date» , he closed.

A last case that broke out before the publication of the teaser was linked to the mysterious blindfolded man shared on social media, who seemed to openly recall Snake from Metal Gear Solid (in its various iterations, most recently Venom Snake from Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain ).

“The eye patch. The eye patch. Everyone immediately connected her to Solid Snake. But I thought, “people think it’s Silent Hill, so it wouldn’t make sense if they linked it to Snake.

I have to admit it was a big mistake. But it doesn’t make sense to change it now because it’s too late. Once he’s out, he’s out. ”

The director wanted to clarify that this is not a stock image and that in reality that character is the villain , with little hair, almost bald, and a beard, made with MetaHuman by Epic Games is blurred so as not to anticipate too much of the story.

Another misunderstanding, in short, but the welcoming of the community is not giving the team a good time, whose members «do not feel comfortable showing their faces right now. It’s no fun being labeled a scammer. ”

« I’m very depressed now, I can’t sleep, I can’t eat. The thing that bothers me is that people give us scammers.

This is the big thing that really, really hurts me. Because that wasn’t my intention at all. ”

Words that alarm and invite all fans, who have been burned or have always been hesitant in front of this title, to tone down and have an attitude respectful of the sensitivities involved.

Probably, the relationship of trust with the players began to break down when sharing the teaser with the blindfolded man, but this certainly does not justify accusations and bizarre theories.

Of course, there is always time to mend and maybe run a less risky promotional campaign, and the hope is that this will happen as soon as the first trailer is released, which apparently isn’t the same one Hideo Kojima is working on.

The connection between the latter and Abandoned has always been a mysterious object, which we also discussed in a recent article.

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