Abandoned: gameplay still far away, but something new will come soon

Abandoned is back in the spotlight, although not exactly with a gameplay release date as fans would hope.

The game, which has been mistakenly associated with Hideo Kojima and even Metal Gear Solid , has missed the last appointment with the reveal.

A recent interview with the director has cleared up all the misunderstandings that have arisen in the past, trying to give the title a new starting point.

A situation in which survival (not horror and no longer open world) has become tangled in the irony of social media.

Since then, Blue Box Game Studios founder Hasan Kahraman has begun to explain his reasons, going as far as IGN US .

The presentation of the actual game, not a survival horror in the Blair Witch style as many would have hoped, would not seem very far away, however, as revealed today.

« We are working on the reveal of the gameplay. But now it is not ready for the public to see – if you show the first impression of the gameplay, this is the most important footage», motivated Kahraman’s strict secrecy.

So when will we finally see Abandoned gameplay in action?

«I will not give a specific date because that is the first mistake [we made], setting a very tight deadline.

Let’s just hope in a few months, really, it won’t take too long. It won’t take a quarter or something. “

This does not mean that there is no news from Blue Box Game Studios.

The founder revealed that the Abandoned gameplay reveal will be accompanied by the release of a separate and free game, The Haunting .

The Haunting was a game previously in the pipeline at the studio, but now passed to an external developer and will see Blue Box engaged as a publisher only. The release is scheduled for Steam, Xbox and PlayStation.

Also, “We are also working on bringing more content out there” for the Realtime Experience app for PS5.

This means that while the gameplay reveal will be the main course, there will be more small snacks along the way.

The hope is that this time everything will go smoothly and the problems (last minute, to the shaders, Kahraman revealed) of the last time will not occur.

After all, the history of The Haunting is certainly not an unprecedented one, and there have been very dark precedents in the history of the software house and now even the publisher.

Even the combination, a little (a little too much) sought after with Kojima, in the end has everything but paid for and we hope it is now a thing of the past.

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