A “treble” of invaders in Elden Ring is what it takes

Elden Ring is a game full of memorable moments, although there is one feature that can often turn out to be a cross and a delight: invaders .

From soulslike (which you can still find on Amazon) is primarily a single player game, but users can choose to play with their friends or engage in PvP .

Invasions play an important role in Elden Ring’s multiplayer component, so much so that users have often come up with many creative ways to eliminate opponents.

Now, as reported by Game Rant , another player seems to have succeeded to bring home a result against the invaders which to define epic and little .

It is more and more common for an invader to clash with more than one opponent : fighting two or three players at the same time is not easy, so the Lightless have started using different tactics.

Stealth seems possible in PvP, although many have shared videos of very interesting ways to kill an unwelcome guest .

Now, a particularly unfortunate player has shown a video of him dying along with two other allies in one move .

when you take a hit and you weren’t expecting it from Eldenring

A user named ‘gil_0_0_’ was exploring the Volcano Manor dungeon accompanied by two friends: the three players then decided to ride an elevator to reach the platform above, but probably they weren’t expecting the invader who awaited them at the top .

As soon as the lift arrived at its destination, the invader used the Refuse spell to push all three of them out of the elevator.

Even though the unfortunates didn’t crash into the lava pool, the fall was long enough to completely drain their health bar. What’s more: the synchronized death animation for all three players makes the clip even more fun .

Speaking of which, a Elden Ring player not particularly versed in From games received a truly amazing gift on his birthday.

But not only that: have you also seen that often and willingly beating the optional bosses of the game can be a health walk under certain conditions?

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