A Stranger Things star has an amazing idea for a Crazy Taxi movie

Many video games can easily be reinterpreted as films, even if they have a simple or even narrow plot, but could you imagine a Crazy Taxi film? Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things, yes.\r\nThe young actor is also an unexpected fan of vintage video games, because yes the golden age of SEGA is far away and you are old, so much so that you have perfectly imagined a probable film dedicated to Crazy Taxi.\r\nIn the latest episode of Hot Ones, the show in which personalities from the world of entertainment chat amiably while eating spicy wings (perhaps you saw the episode with Jennifer Lawrence bouncing around on social media), Finn Wolfhard also developed a film Crazy Taxi hypothetical.\r\nSeeing as the actor was recently involved in the role of producer, director and screenwriter of his first film, he also launched into a truly intriguing speculation:\r\n\r\n«I had l he idea of ​​making a Crazy Taxi movie, and the idea was like it was Collateral, but it’s Crazy Taxi. I think it would be a lot of fun.”\r\n\r\nIf you’ve seen Collateral, Michael Mann’s 2004 cult film starring Tom Cruise, you’re probably starting to think that it’s not as stupid an idea as it sounds, quite the opposite.\r \nIn the film, Tom Cruise plays a hitman who forces taxi driver Jamie Foxx to transport him to carry out a series of contract killings. Now imagine this setup but with the surreal atmosphere of the SEGA title, and a decidedly less brutal story, or at least as brutal but with a dark ironic twist: it works, doesn’t it?\r\nMoreover it turns out that in the past there were attempts to create a movie about Crazy Taxi, but they never came to fruition due to a lack of minimal plot to create a movie. But if someone has found the world to create the Twisted Metal series, complete with a second season on the way, perhaps there is hope for everyone.\r\nHowever, Crazy Taxi will still return in its classic form, that is, a videogame production of which SEGA spoke recently.

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