A sensational problem for Dark Souls 3 online on PC: your sensitive data is at risk

A big problem hits Dark Souls 3 and its players, more specifically its PvP mode .

A new exploit has been discovered which, via the online mode of the third chapter of Dark Souls , is capable of exposing users’ PC to serious and malicious hacker attacks.

The problem was extensively investigated by the Twitter user SkeleMann , who promptly warned PC players of the FromSoftware game, suggesting that they be especially careful.

The post reads: « on PC there is a new, very serious exploit affecting Dark Souls 3 that can cause permanent damage to your computer. This could render your PC unusable, allow the sharing of login information or close background programs ».

The players who discovered this problem immediately moved to try to get the information to the developers so that they could remedy the exploit.

The response from the official Dark Souls Twitter account was not long in coming, via a post announcing the temporary deactivation of PvP servers of Dark Souls 3 , Dark Souls 2 and Dark Souls Remastered , all to allow you to investigate problems related to related online services.

The tweet also announced that the Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition servers will also be temporarily disabled shortly.

However, it should be noted that this downtime will not affect the servers of the Xbox and PlayStation console versions , as the problem affects only the PC version of the game .

While we await further news from the developers, it appears that Elden Ring has a world child of the complexity of Dark Souls itself.

The same one that affected one of the enemies shown so far in the new From game.

Finally, Dark Souls 3 hosted another soulslike thanks to the creativity of a player.

Still on the soulslike theme, we inform you that you can pre-order the new Elden Ring for PS4 via this link on Amazon.

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