A release date pops up for Silksong, but it makes no sense

Hollow Knight Silksong is one of those video games that has now become a hit and, this time, there is also a completely senseless release date.\r\nIf you were hoping that today would have been the opportunity, finally, to know when to definitively wait for the long-awaited Silksong we have to disappoint you, once again.\r\nNot even the latest Xbox event dedicated to indies was the opportunity to finally remove the veil from this long-awaited project. Curiously, Xbox is the protagonist of yet another hoax linked to Silksong.\r\nAs reported by The Gamer, in fact, a release date for Silksong was published on the Microsoft gaming platform store for no reason. However, it is clearly a mistake.\r\nWhy? Well, judge for yourself from what has emerged by checking the store page in these hours.\r\n\n\t ‼️SILKSONG RELEASE DATE ON MICROSOFT STORE LISTING‼️@DailySilksong (https://t.co/HZZspibuDr) pic. twitter.com/q8MOJV9x98— TheColorW (@TheColorW2) May 8, 2024\n\n\n \n\r\nThe Xbox Store page states Hollow Knight Silksong on 12/30/9998.\r\nA future in to say the least, between the post-apocalyptic of Fallout and the dystopian of Cyberpunk 2077 (you can find it on Amazon), in which at least fans of Silksong will finally have some joy.\r\nObviously this date is an error, but not it’s clear why it was placed inside the Xbox store.\r\nAnd to think that the very first appearance of the Xbox Store page had rekindled some hopes, making people think that Silksong would actually be a little closer to the its release.\r\nIn any case, 5 years have passed since the announcement of Silksong and there is no trace of the Team Cherry title. It was February 14, 2019 when Team Cherry showed the game for the first time, and since that time it is still one of the most anticipated video games.\r\nOn the other hand, there is a video game that will give you the chance to calm the hype at least for a bit’. A video game definitely inspired by Hollow Knight, which will arrive soon and is produced by the creators of Palworld.

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