A PS5 bug is causing hundreds of digital games to disappear

The topic of digital delivery and physical edition video games is always hot, and when things happen like the new PS5 bug that is making digital games disappear it becomes a real fire.\r\nAs Metro reports, in fact, many reports are arriving so players are losing access to regularly acquired licenses for digital games on the PlayStation Store.\r\nA strange bug is removing people’s games on PlayStation 4 and 5 and Vita, and Sony doesn’t have a fix.\r\nNot long ago, PlayStation sparked fan outrage when it said it would remove Discovery video content from people’s libraries, even if they paid for it.\r\nPlayStation later backed down, but now a problem has emerged similar, involuntary: a random bug that is deleting digital games from people’s libraries.\r\nMany reports have arrived online, including a series of testimonies in PlayStation’s official Reddit pages, in which users are asking the Japanese company a permanent fix.\r\n\r\n«In recent months, a bug has occurred that has impacted a relatively small number of PlayStation Network users, where all digital licenses (including purchased games and added to your library via PlayStation Plus) are decoupled from the transaction history that shows you purchased those things”, explains user Dsuds in the post published on the official PlayStation threads.\r\nIt seems that the bug deletes the games directly from the account, and furthermore, if the bug has affected your account, it is not even possible to download them again because they appear as if they were not purchased.\r\nThis affair certainly does not help the already fluctuating reputation of the digital video game market, which users already dislike.\r \nIf you want to buy physical edition video games that will certainly not disappear into thin air, you can do so through Amazon by finding the best offers and supporting our work.

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