A new PlayStation exclusive will be back to show itself very soon

PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 are about to be enriched by Granblue Fantasy Relink, exclusive postponed last year and which will return shortly.

The fantasy franchise has had a great fighting game among its iterations, which you can discover via Amazon, and a more classic adventure was announced some time ago.

Granblue Fantasy Relink was initially even a project signed by Platinum Games, which however left work on the video game many years ago.

And while in 2022 the title has been postponed further, it seems the time has come to being able to see him in action and maybe even play.

As Dualshockers reports, in fact, the developer Cygames has planned an update for January 21st.

As ​​part of the annual Granblue Fantasy franchise event to be held at the end of January, Cygames will reveal the latest news on its games, including Relink.

The developer Cygames has announced a special live streaming, in which Granblue Fantasy Relink will be told further by revealing many new features. Indeed, it has been confirmed that the team will show brand new footage.

In the tweet, according to a summary translation via Google, it is confirmed that development of the game is in full swing, and that January 21 will be the time for fans to see the fruits of hard work.

Granblue Fantasy was first announced as a collaboration between PlatinumGames and Cygames in 2016. After three years of work and several postponements, the title is still planned for the 2023 at the moment, and who knows if this isn’t an opportunity to have a definitive release date.

At a time when PS5, at least in Japan, seems to have returned to being a console that can be easily purchased on a regular basis.

Among the next PS5 exclusives there could also be at least one famous name, because recently we’ve returned to talk about Metal Gear Solid Remake .

And the competition is no less, because Xbox is preparing its lineup for 2023 and the first dates are appearing.

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