A new football is coming: it will be on Game Pass and it will be… a role-playing game

When I was a child, but already old enough to understand something about what I played, one of the football titles that seemed to me the most unique and epic was Libero Grande – where you could play the role of a only player at a time. Of course, the scepter of extravagance could soon be snatched from him, considering the announcement of Soccer Story .

Unveiled just now by No More Robots , this decidedly peculiar game resembles a classic in the Pokémon saga, and in a way not only at a glance: it will in fact be structured as a role-playing game with an open world structure . The peculiarity? Football will be at the center of it all .

As revealed by the author Mike Rose , in fact, in the game «solve problems, play sports as they happen and save the world, all by kicking your magic ball!» . In the first video, which you see at the beginning, in fact the protagonists seem ready to solve any kind of problem by kicking their ball.

The authors promise particular attention to the physics of the ball and also anticipate some details on the plot:

«It’s been a year since the Calamity ripped away the foundations of football as we knew it, and since then, Soccer Inc. has made sure no one can even look at a ball, let alone kick it.

Football may have been banned from all over the world but … now there is hope! A magic ball has chosen you , Salvatore del Calcio! “.

The narrative premise, as wacky as the idea behind the game, makes us want to keep it d ‘eye.

We know that will be released in 2022 and that will debut on Xbox Game Pass (you can subscribe on Amazon), although we don’t know exactly when. It will also arrive on PC (here the Steam page), PlayStation , Nintendo Switch and Google Stadia .

If you want to kick this two-dimensional ball, then there will be no shortage of platforms to choose from to save football.

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