A game says goodbye to the release on Steam, the publisher: “we should change its contents”

Bad adventure for Spike Chunsoft , who unfortunately had to officially confirm that one of his games will no longer arrive on Steam , like the fans they expected it to happen.

Chaos; Head Noah , an improved version of Chaos; Head that was supposed to land on Valve’s digital catalog for PC players, in fact, will no longer see the light on Steam . This was confirmed directly by the publisher – famous for its recognizable Japanese-style games – who, with an official note, let us know that the release will no longer become reality.

The reasons, explains Spike Chunsoft also on his official website, are to be found in the fact that the game was deemed non-compliant with Steam regulations , apparently with regard to its contents. For this, Spike Chunsoft could choose whether to modify the contents of the game or not to release it. With little surprise, he opted for the second option.

In the words of the company, which we translate:

«We are sorry to confirm that we will not be able to get CHAOS; HEAD NOAH to Steam as originally planned, due to necessary changes to the Steam guidelines regarding game content . Spike Chunsoft believes that the changes would not allow the game to be released to its standards .

The company wants to apologize to all the fans who have been waiting for this release. ”

On Switch the game will be released regularly

Be careful, though, because this doesn’t mean that CHAOS; HEAD NOAH is not destined to arrive on PC anyway: the publisher has announced that it is already working for « evaluate other catalogs , when we decide on the details we will have a formal announcement about it ». We will see, therefore, if the game will manage to marry on the pages of some Steam competitor.

If, on the other hand, you were waiting for the game on Nintendo Switch (find the console on Amazon), do not worry: Spike Chunsoft has confirmed that all this will not have any impact on the release on Switch, expected on October 7th next.

CHAOS; HEAD NOAH is a visual novel with mysterious tones where the player is called to solve some mysteries with related murders . Some of these are represented in a rather “sincere” way, with mutilations and images of the bodies of the victims that were probably the subject of the dispute with Steam – up to the non-publication in the catalog of Valve.

A few months ago, he had also discussed the case of Martha is Dead , when it emerged that the horror game, due to some particularly raw scenes, would have some different and “sweetened” content in the PlayStation version, compared to its counterparts.

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