A fan is turning Sonic Frontiers into Death Stranding, sort of

Sonic Frontiers can it really be like Death Stranding? According to a fan yes, because he’s making Sonic a delivery boy.

In Death Stranding, which you can find in its best version on Amazon, players will have to make deliveries as Sam Bridges to save humanity.

Something that has also been used by detractors, who have defined Hideo Kojima’s title a “courier simulator”. But this Death Stranding doesn’t care because he did record numbers anyway.

Similar speech for Sonic Frontiers which, despite all the criticisms, still sold quite quickly.

Since Death Stranding was wrongly accused of being a courier simulator, someone is turning Sonic Frontiers into a pizza delivery game .

As ​​The Gamer reports, in fact, a player is creating a full-bodied mod which transforms all the quests of the SEGA game into pizza deliveries.

Since someone wasn’t satisfied with the pace of play of Sonic Frontiers , he decided that, starting today, it’s better for Sonic to deliver pizzas.

A remarkable work that of “Your Pizza’s Done”, the mod that you can follow on Game Banana, which replaces many elements from the game and is made by a single person.

A lot of in-game text, including boss names, character rosters, and even mission objectives, will be changed to be consistent with the notion of Sonic delivering pizza across the game world.

All while the blue hedgehog will have to fight against the usual enemies and do everything he does, but being careful not to let the pizzas get cold.

Your Pizza’s Done is currently 10% developed, but the modder promises that when the work is finished it will be an excellent mod.

All while Sonic Frontiers has been bombarded with negative reviews for a ridiculous reason, who maybe will change their minds after this mod.

Speaking of Death Stranding, however, we are all waiting to understand when the sequel will be announced which in the meantime is accumulating rumor after rumor.

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