A curious glitch is happening to some PS Plus users

Since June PlayStation Plus has also debuted in Europe with the new subscription system, which has merged the Plus, the benefits of the old PlayStation Now and several other news.

The owners of DualSense (you can buy it on offer on Amazon ) and not only know very well that the news in sight in the coming months will be really very interesting.

Not to mention a library of on-demand games that we talked about extensively in our in-depth analysis.

Now, however, as reported by Game Rant , some players would have stumbled in a very unique glitch yes PS Plus.

The user of Reddit OneTrueKingSlayer is a PS Plus subscriber who has encountered a strange inconvenience (if we can call it that) in the PS5 PS Store.

By accessing IllFonic’s Arcadegeddon PS Store page, the text of the The “Choose Edition” option is displayed in reverse .

Apart from the anomaly in question, the entire page of the Arcadegeddon shop is displayed in an absolutely normal way.

Is it just me or is my US PS Store website showing me PS + Australian version of the game? from PlayStationPlus

The user jokingly refers to the inconvenience, not to mention that other Australian Reddit users reacted to the screenshot with various jokes in the comments (the problem does not seem to affect any key functionality of the store page).

At the moment, the bug seems to affect only and exclusively the Australian page of the game in question, as no further reports have arrived.

Staying on the subject, we recently decided to offer you in this article what we believe to be the best discounted games on PlayStation Store for less than 10 euros.

But that’s not all: PlayStation Plus is officially saying goodbye to a PS Studios exclusive of a certain weight, with all due respect to historical fans.

Finally, the PS Store has also decided to give its users a welcome gift in the past few hours, the DLC of an exclusive PlayStation is available for free as a surprise.

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