A canceled GBA Dune game returns after 20 years with a new name

The video games that reappear after many years are always incredible stories, and today’s one is about a Dune title that was supposed to be released for GBA.

The famous science fiction novel , which you should definitely read by buying it on Amazon, has been the protagonist of the world of video games several times.

Right recently Dune was released: Spice Wars , an interesting management software that takes us to Arrakis in a war without borders.

Not to mention the collaboration with Fortnite , which welcomed the protagonists of the new feature film in the inevitable crossover with the battle royale.

As reported by IGN US , a Dune game for GBA should have been released but is back today, after 20 years, on Steam.

Dune: Ornithopter Assault was originally developed for GameBoy Advance with gameplay centered around the iconic ornithopterans of the Frank Herbert universe.

Unfortunately, the game was shelved in 2002 , with most of the game completed.

The title would have had more than 20 different missions of various kinds, five single player modes and also multiplayer via connection cable.

Now, after 20 years, the title returns on Steam with the name of Elland: The Crystal Wars , you can take a look at it from the official page .

«You are Ethan Lancashire, one of Elland Inc.’s top fighter pilots» , reads the Steam description of the game, which continues:

«Through more than 20 perilous missions, you will pilot advanced flying machines that can move, turn and hover and are equipped with a variety of weapons and utilities, adapted according to the mission. Weapons can be set to lock or aim manually. »

It looks like the development team just changed some names and kept the original concept intact, rightly avoiding mentioning anything that reminds us of Dune.

Interestingly, though, there are games from the Game Boy era that make a comeback. Like those who have decided to publish a new game for the legendary portable console, in black and white.

Sometimes exclusive games also return, like the Nintendo 64 title that was re-released on Steam after 20 years.

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