70% of developers are afraid of live service games

The world of video games is in turmoil and this is nothing new, also due to the widespread diffusion of live service games, which according to a large part of the developers are no longer sustainable.\r\nThis is demonstrated by video games such as Suicide Squad (you can find it on Amazon), which was supposed to represent a great project in the genre of game-services but quickly exhausted all its possibilities.\r\nDespite the failure of the project, however, Warner Bros apparently wants to continue working on other video games of the genre, and this is precisely the problem.\r\nAs VGC reports, in fact, 70% of developers seriously fear that live service games no longer make sense to exist.\r\nA new survey conducted by Game Developer involved 600 developers, who were asked some questions about business models and monetization in video games.\r\nThe main question concerns the sustainability of the business models of live service games, a topic on which the developers had their say.\r\nOn the 39th % of the sample said they were “quite worried”, while a further 31% said they were “very worried”. A quarter said they were not concerned, while the remaining 4% did not know.\r\nOf those who said they were concerned about the sustainability of the model, about two-thirds said they were worried that players would lose interest in live service game or that competition from other similar titles may affect theirs. Among the concerns there is also the increase in user acquisition costs and development costs.\r\nIt is known, in this sense, that such projects cost developers millions, generating investments within which very few manage to return, or almost none.\r\nThe paradoxical thing is that, despite the obvious problems, according to another recent survey it seems that the vast majority of developers around the world are currently working on a live service game.

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