Work continues on the Metal Gear Solid film: it expects to meet an actor

It’s been months since we’ve heard of it, but – believe it or not – the mysterious Metal Gear Solid film is still in the works. This was confirmed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts , a director nominated for the film who will tell the story of Solid Snake and his companions, who in a long thread on Twitter let himself go to a bit of post reflections -trailer of Black Widow.

In closing to his messages, the director wrote “I’m sorry not to provide more regular updates on the film Metal Gear Solid », then adding that ” we have just delivered the new draft “ of the script. The latter, we learn, would fully embrace the particular style of Hideo Kojima, with much “military surrealism” .

Jordan Vogt-Roberts and Hideo Kojima.

The director also adds that “I hope to meet a specific actor very soon” , without, however, overreaching about who could be the designated artist, nor for what role he could be cast. The message ends with “let’s make this movie!” , without providing further details for the moment.

Works on the film Metal Gear Solid began several years ago, when Jordan Vogt-Roberts proposed a real bible of the saga, to demonstrate that he knew it by heart and could tell it with knowledge of cause, without distancing it from the features that made it very popular among videogame fans.

The director, already author of Kong: Skull Island and present among the preppers of Death Stranding , is a friend of Hideo Kojima and has always claimed to want to remain faithful to the Japanese author’s vision. He also stated in the past that the film would not focus on a single video game , but would try to narrate the saga as a whole. How this could be achieved within a single feature film, of course, remains to be discovered.

What are your expectations for this adaptation of Metal Gear Solid on the big screen?


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