Will Let Me Solo Her return for Shadow of the Erdtree? The hero of Elden Ring is ready

Let Me Solo Her is perhaps one of the most heroic video game stories of recent years, with the Lightless who helped Elden Ring players destroy Malenia and who, perhaps, will also return for Shadow of the Erdtree.\r\nYou will remember the legendary player dressed just a pot and a pair of underwear who, wandering around the Interregnums around the world, helped players defeat the brutal Malenia by taking on the challenge.\r\nOver time, From Software has put its hand to the evil boss of Elden Ring to the point that even a goldfish can defeat her (we’re not kidding), but around the time of the release of the soulslike the original Malenia was an obstacle for many players.\r\nLet Me Solo Her was so legendary to be recognized even by From Software itself, which wanted to celebrate the warrior’s value by giving him a sword, obviously.\r\nNow that Shadow of the Erdtree has a release date we can expect that Elden Ring will have other bosses to face: but will Let Me Solo Her be there to help us once again?\r\nSpeaking to the microphones of IGN US, the player said that he had collected over 1200 hours of gameplay in Elden Ring, defeating Malenia over 7 thousand times in total.\r\ nAs for From Software’s soulslike DLC, Let Me Solo Her has defined \

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