Vodafone now lets you browse and call even if you have run out of credit (but wants 1 euro extra)

Vodafone has launched a change to its plans since 15 April 2019, which allows users to continue to take advantage of minutes, messages and navigation data even when you do not have the renewal money on your credit. If, for example, the expiration of your monthly thresholds is set for April 16 but you do not have the 10 euros (random amount) necessary for the renewal, Vodafone will not block your navigation, messages and phone calls, but will discount  0,99€ extra upon renewal , with reload for the following month.

In the previous state, instead, if you arrived on April 16th (always quoting the example) without the necessary credit for the renewal, it would have been impossible to surf or call, until you would have made a top-up to pay the fee renewal.

Vodafone has announced that, in the event that it did not agree with this contractual change, as required by law, users have had the opportunity to switch to another operator or to withdraw without penalties.

The change applies only to plans reloadable and not to subscription plans — where, passing by credit card or bank account , it would be impossible not to be able to provide the quota required for renewal.

Source: Corriere

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