There is a studio that has (and will have) a key role in the biggest PlayStation franchises

PlayStation Studios Malaysia is only two years old, but already plays and will probably continue to play a key role within PlayStation Studios and Sony’s biggest franchises.

The owners of the console with DualSense pad (which you can also find on Amazon ) are in fact waiting for news on the announcement side, which apparently will not be missing in the coming months.

Malaysia Studio Head Hasnul Hadi Samsudin and a member of PlayStation’s San Diego-based visual arts team, Neil Ingram , spoke on a panel at Level Up KL in Kuala Lumpa, as reported by IGN US , talking about the studio’s work on The Last of Us Part I and MLB The Show 2022 .

«So far our contribution has been very limited , when we started the team was very small. Most of what we are doing is the development of assets for games, especially for MLB », the studio members explained.

«For The Last of Us Part I, there was this thing called Death Hints, which are hints that tell the player what to do in certain situations, and Sony’s animation team should have worked on it, but c ‘was a lot to do, so it was up to us », Samsudin and Ingram announced.

And again: «Now we have a full-fledged art team, so we can take care of environmental modeling, concept art, and we have a brilliant animation team working on some games we can’t talk about right now ».

Support studies are key in the process of making most of the AAA games we see today, and having a studio like Malaysia has already proven to be a great asset .

The team is also part of Sony’s strategy of a global approach to game development . The Malaysian studio has already worked on two of the biggest PlayStation franchises we know of and will likely be working on other big first-party titles soon.

As the studio grows, it will be interesting to see how often the Malaysia Studio logo appears for first-party games.

Staying on the subject, a new PS5 firmware update is available starting today for download and consequently for installation.

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