The Witcher Sirius might be groundbreaking, but not in a good way

The Witcher Sirius is one of the many projects related to the franchise starring Geralt that have been announced in recent times. This, in particular, could have new features such as co-op and a non-linear storyline.

A series of projects for which The Witcher 3 will act as a breakthrough as always, even and above all with the recent next-gen version which has also landed on Amazon.

Title that players played to exhaustion, also producing a quantity of meaningless mods like the one that eliminates the doubt of the choice between Triss and Yennefer. p>

And as Geralt continues to land in other video games, with the latest appearance in Lost Ark , sparse information about upcoming projects emerges.

Sirius is one of the many projects, for now with only code names, that CD Projekt Red unveiled last year in a surprising broadside of ads.

A work of which nothing is known, at least until today with a job announcement (reported by The Gamer) which allows us to understand some characteristics of the project.

Not only is the project described as a “stylized game”, whatever that means, but apparently it would have unique features for the saga.

The job posting contains some requests for candidates who will have to work on The Witcher Sirius, who will need to build a “branching and non-linear narrative”, along with a “cinematic narration and dubbed dialogue”.

It also seems that PvE multiplayer will even be central to the gaming experience. Indeed, the studio is looking for a senior multiplayer designer to implement “various game modes, player progression, and social systems” in the title.

This would suggest a sort of battle pass, a game as a service structure that is certainly very different from the feeling of the original franchise, and perhaps not very positive.

Obviously we just have to wait for confirmations but, after the other features that have already emerged relating to the creation of procedural scenarios, a potentially worrying picture is beginning to emerge.

And to think that even Sirius should conquer the fans of the Netflix series.

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