The Witcher season 4, the cast defends Liam Hemsworth: «He is part of the family»

There is less and less left for The Witcher and the already infamous season 4, which brings with it a dark omen according to fans for the arrival of Liam Hemsworth who, replacing Henry Cavill, has already created numerous controversies and a rift with the public.\r \nSince the announcement of Henry Cavill’s farewell, which took place in October 2022, fans have gone wild and for poor Liam Hemsworth there has obviously been no way to show his worth.\r\nOver the years many they tried to create a more relaxed atmosphere, essentially giving the actor time to put himself on stage and at least try to gain the trust of the fans.\r\nAlso for this reason no photos of the actor appeared during filming, given which would have done nothing but create further moments of tension in the community. And those few photos that have emerged, unofficially, do not portray Hemsworth in the role of Geralt.\r\nFortunately, even the cast, precisely Freya Allan, has decided to publicly stand in support of the actor by showing their support (via Dualshockers).\r\nThe actress, who plays Ciri in the Netflix series The Witcher, said in a recent interview that she felt bad for Hemsworth. By taking on such an important and already established role, Allan wants to make sure Hemsworth is part of the group and feels included. “He’s so sweet, a normal guy and so eager to connect,” says Allan, explaining the actor’s situation:\r\n\r\n«And I feel sorry for him because he had so much weight and pressure on his shoulders, joining a new cast as one of the leads and replacing someone else who has already worked for three seasons . It’s a lot to bear. For the rest of us, it was important to make him feel truly part of the family.”\r\n\r\nThe fans, meanwhile, are continuing to attack the production in every way, now also for the new costume.\r\nAnd for those who want to experience the original epic there are always the novels, which you can easily find on Amazon at the best price.

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