The time is ripe for a new TV series on Sonic, according to SEGA

Sonic will invade movie theaters around the world next year, but may not stop there. ComicBook interviewed Yukio Kusumoto , director of animations on behalf of SEGA , who has definitely opened the door to the possibility of seeing a new cartoon too animated or a new television series dedicated to the famous blue hedgehog of video games.

In the words of Kusumoto:

I think the world is definitely ready for another TV show, I’d like to work on it. There are several discussions and, if you ask me, I would be delighted to see Sonic keep going. I will therefore continue to work to bring out new content dedicated to him.

You would like more new content dedicated to Sonic – which is now on everyone’s lips for the presentation of the adorable baby Sonic?

Source: MyNintendoNews

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