The single-player is not dead, and the publisher of GTA Online says so

Many, especially since the mid-life of PS3 and Xbox 360, have questioned the survival capabilities of single-player games in an industry that was overwhelmingly entering the online world.

Sales of PS4 and Xbox One titles, such as PlayStation exclusives, over time have disproved this narrative, and it is the industry itself that has realized this and has begun to try to bring together the two souls of gaming.

An interesting opinion comes from the publisher of GTA Online , Take-Two Interactive (owner of Rockstar Games), who provided a comment after unveiling the latest, incredible numbers of the fifth chapter of the crime saga open world.

«There was an argument just a couple of years ago, not here, not in this shop, but in the offices of some of our competitors, about the fact that the single-player was dead , now it was all about multiplayer », explained CEO Strauss Zelnick.

“We didn’t believe that was the case, I said specifically and publicly that we didn’t believe it, our labels don’t believe that “.

Zelnick relies heavily on the fact that Rockstar Games has an output capable of serving both audiences, single-player and multiplayer, and that all of his other teams are specialized in one field or one other, creating a great balance in your catalog.

Rockstar itself had specified in unsuspecting times that it had no intention of leaving the scope of single-player products.

«We deliver a range of experiences ranging from mobile hyper casual to the most complex, the most robust, single-player and multiplayer experiences.

And we intend to continue to do so. »

An important declaration of intent in a historical moment in which the revenues from multiplayer and microtransactions far exceed those of story-driven productions.

A statement that comes from one of the first players to have pushed for 80 euros as a new pricing for next-gen video games, which he said would not have a negative impact on sales.

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