The Pokemon Company sues for Sword and Shield leaks

Fans of Pokémon have undoubtedly noticed that, a few days before the arrival of Pokémon Sword and Shield , the web was literally flooded with content leaks, which also showed some new animals that we should have discovered in-game.

It looks like The Pokémon Company didn’t take it very well, considering it decided to move cause to those who carried out the leaks – for now still unknown. According to the indictment, these people “stole trade secrets from TPCi (The Pokémon Company, ed ) taking images from pages of a strategic guide not yet published, created to accompany the release of the expected video game. “

In short, the leaks have been identified as coming from the guides – which means that someone in possession of the latter he managed to capture the information and spread it on the Net. The prosecution adds that “these images showed Pokémon never revealed before, as well as evolutions that TPCi and its partners intended to keep confidential until the exit of November 15, 2019. “

According to The Pokémon Company, the dissemination of this data has caused ” irreparable damage “ to its commercial strategy, the sum of which will be decided in the registered office. We also learn that the company has identified four leakers through Discord and 4Chan and is working with platforms to learn their extremes and continue to move through legal channels.

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