The new clone of P.T. PlayStation exclusive could be the best ever

P.T. is the now famous playable teaser that was supposed to lead the way to Hideo Kojima’s new horror title.

In 2014, the father of Metal Gear Solid took to the Gamescom stage to unveil his project in collaboration with Guillermo Del Toro , Silent Hills , reboot of the well-known Konami series.

Unfortunately, however, the game was later canceled following the breakup of the game designer and the Japanese production house, leaving only this playable teaser.

Over the years, however, we have seen a truly surprising number of more or less successful titles attempting to “inherit” the charm of PT . with mixed results.

The success of Capcom’s Resident Evil Village has certainly stirred the waters, so much so that a new horror announced for the PlayStation platforms promises to fill the void: we’re talking about Luto .

In development by Broken Bird Games , a small independent studio based in Spain, the game will be published by Lanzadera.

The video below shows gameplay that closely resembles the Playable Teaser from the now defunct Hideo Kojima project (via Game Rant ).

Luto will explore the drama of the loss of loved ones and the fear of darkness caused by anxiety and depression .

The game will therefore deal with sensitive issues such as mental illness, offering a unique perspective on the subject that can help better understand all those afflicted by these conditions.

However, Luto ‘s eerie atmosphere seems to promise an experience worthy of any horror-themed fan. The game, expected on PS4 and PS5, does not have a release date in any case.

A PT image

Of PT clones we remember the terrifying Visage and the unfortunate Allison Road, although not always imitating the original work turned out to be a good idea.

The disappointment linked to horror Evil Inside is still fresh, as we have explained to you in detail in our review, it failed to replicate the charm of the original.

There has long been talk of the fact that the next project from the independent team Kojima Productions could be a horror, as some clues point in that direction.

But that’s not all: a fan has recreated PT in the splendor of high definition and 60 frames per second, as if it had been released during the new generation of PS5.

If you want to play Death Stranding, the first video game from independent Kojima Productions, you can now buy it on both PC and PS4.

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