The Last of Us Part II: Vibration improved on PS5, but there is a reason

As many will know , The Last of Us Part II received a PS5 upgrade that included some technical improvements able to exploit the power of the latest console of the Japanese giant. Now, here are some details on the role of DualSense in this “new” version.

Sony’s controller has the task (by its nature) of increasing the depth of titles by implementing specific features, including haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

An update for DualSense was included in the April update, which according to some had the goal of optimizing its performance when used in backwards compatibility mode, in a sort of “emulation” of DualShock 4.

If white has never been your favorite shade, it is good to remember that two new colors are coming for the Sony controller, to the delight of all lovers of dark colors.

On the occasion of the upgrade mentioned at the beginning, Kurt Margenau, co-director of The Last of Us Part II , returned to talk about the behavior of DualSense in the game in a post on Twitter .

In addition to benefiting from a 60fps mode, created using the power of PS5, the experience is in fact enriched by a new controller “attitude” .

In the following article, it is possible to understand specifically what it is , as also reported by :

« If you are playing The Last of Us Part II on PS5, you may have noticed that the haptic feedback is better .

This is possible thanks to a update of DualSense published in April. »

Margenau refers to the news mentioned at the beginning, in which we had already told you about the update, highlighting how Sony had not included further details on how many and which changes had actually been made.

The co-director explained in more depth what it is in a series of subsequent tweets, full of details.

A few months ago, it was he who asked Sony to improve « the response times, intensity and structure of haptic feedback in backwards compatibility mode » , contributing to the current result.

Murgenau went on to explain that the two controllers work differently: the DualShock 4 has electric motors, while the DualSense is equipped with actuators “ that can render frequency and amplitude with great fidelity ” .

The final consequence is that the new controller “ receives inputs originally intended for a motor (which has a much higher latency), reproducing the sensation with a completely different technique and much better, able to increase the level of immersion.

If, thanks to the update for PS5 and the new features introduced by DualSense, you intend to immerse yourself again in The Last of Us Part II , you will be interested to know that a video has just revealed two details that most players have missed.

As a testament to the dedication and affection fans continue to feel for the title, a new illustration has been shared that imagines what Ellie might look like if the virus infects her (and the result is really disturbing).

As for The Last of Us Part III , which many will already be dreaming of, a detail from the second chapter would suggest a hypothetical new setting in Europe that would not fail to amaze a large part of the community .

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