The Last of Us Part II, Druckmann speaks: all the mechanics seen in the gameplay are part of the game

Interviewed by Kotaku, the creative director of The Last of Us: Part II, Neil Druckmann, spoke about different aspects of the title, as well as its violence. He also discussed the novelties made to the artificial intelligence of the enemies and, in particular, he replied to those who suspected that the video gameplay seen at E3 was a bit ‘too “embellished” and not representative of the contents of the game.

The Last of Us: Part II is the one seen at E3 With regard to this last topic, Druckmann explained that “those shown were all real game systems. When you have to do an E3 demo, take complicated systems that are random and make them deterministic. We play a lot to test and arrange the choreography, so that we can show very specific things. But those seen are in any case all real systems that players will be able to experience when they play the title.â »


In short, in short, the mechanics were “compressed” to be shown in time available for the video and, as said by Druckmann, choreographed, but nothing happened that you can not do when you have the controller in your hands.

We’ll call it an analog stealth. About the new stealth mechanics, Druckmann says the team has baptized him as an analog stealth. The idea is to make the enemies more intelligent in their behavior and, with them, even in the spread of the alert: if Ellie is discovered, the enemy who sees it must be able to tell his companions, so that others know. If the protagonist is right about him before he succeeds, there will be no alarm.

“We wanted our enemies to be more threatening, which means we had to make them smarter,” Druckmann said. Â € Å“This is why we have practically rewritten the awareness system, because now we have much larger levels, with more points to hide and greater verticality â € “in fact there will also be the jump key. Enemies need to be able to move along all the complicated paths of a level. “

“They talk to each other much more than before. In the previous game, if someone saw you, immediately everyone else knew where you were. Now, there is an information propagation system. Anyone who sees you must report that he did. Anyone who hears you, will have to report it. “

Thus, the discussion moves towards the concept behind the stealth shown at E3: “we have the concept of analog stealth. While in other games, such as Uncharted 4, when you’re in the high grass or in the midst of the vegetation that covers you, you’re completely hidden, now it will be different, “he said. Indeed, the game will show a special circular indicator at the bottom right: «the smaller the circle, the better you will be hidden. You are never completely hidden, in the middle of the vegetation. Change the distance that is necessary for an enemy to see you. “

We remind you that The Last of Us – Part II is expected in a year yet to be fixed, exclusively on PS4. Stay with us for all future and further news coming from the next game signed Naughty Dog.

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