The Division: The 1.8.3 update solves some problems and makes changes to the game dynamics

Ubisoft has released the Tom Clancy’s The Division update 1.8.3 for all platforms that make changes to the balance of equipment from top secret assailant, solve some problems of the Showstopper and introduces some changes to the dynamics of the game. Below is a complete list available:

Changes to the game
– Top secret equipment
– Attacking equipment
—- The EMP now interrupts the accumulation of charges and the damage and self-repair bonus are not applied. The existing charges are lost with time and empty strokes.
—- In the Black Zone, Up to the end or Skirmish, the speed at which the self-repairing bonus of the top secret Aggressor is applied is reduced and each hit adds one charge.
—- Full text in play:
—– Bonus 4 pieces: Each consecutive hit deals 1% additional damage. Up to 100% cumulable. Unladen shots reduce bonus damage by 2%. The bonus is reduced by 1% every second. Under the EMP it is not possible to earn charges and no bonus damage is inflicted. The bonus is lost when you leave the combat.
—– Bonus 6 pieces: Each shot adds 2 charges of self-repairing bonus; each charge is 0.01% of the maximum health per second. You can accumulate up to 100 charges. This bonus increases by 0.05% per charge for every 3.000 Vigor. Missing hits decrease the charge bonus and the bonus is reduced by 2 charges per second. Under the effects of the EMP it is not possible to earn charges and the self-repair bonus is not applied. The bonus is lost when you leave the combat. In the Black Zone, Until the end or Skirmish, each hit adds a single charge instead of 2, and the speed at which the self repairing bonus applies is reduced.
—– Each hit increases by 1% the damage of the attacker’s equipment. Missing hits decrease the attacker’s bonus by 1% and the bonus is reduced by 2% every second. In the Black Zone, Up to the end or Skirmish, the additional 1% damage bonus is not applied.

– Top mod Support station
– By deactivating a support station with a higher mod, health increases depending on the time in which the ability has remained active.

– Showstopper
– Fixed an issue that allowed the Showstopper to fire additional cartridges. Warning: even if these extra shots are no longer fired, the sound effects and controller vibration are still present.
– The aim of the Showstopper’s flight has been set.

Game dynamics
– Fixed an issue that caused players to run on site when an ability was used under certain circumstances.
– The stock expansion is now available to all players, regardless of whether you own the DLC.

– The Rainbow 6 award has been changed to “Equip 6 different equipment (gray / special, green, blue, purple, orange and a set of equipment)

Recall that the title is available for Windows PC, Sony Playstation 4 and Microsoft Xbox One. Find the review of Tom Clancy’s The Division and all the information related to the product on our sheet.

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