The controlled democracy of Helldivers 2 is in danger: there are new surprise enemies

Just when the players of Helldivers 2 seemed to have found a sort of serenity, new adversaries of controlled democracy were unexpectedly inserted into the Arrowhead shooter. And, even if they don’t do it on purpose, they are once again fearsome.\r\nIt had already happened some time ago that players found themselves facing opponents they had never seen before, but the community quickly adapted to the new threat.\r \nAnd now, as reported by The Gamer, flying Automaton have been subtly inserted into Helldivers 2.\r\nAccording to the testimonies of some players, the automaton faction seems to have deployed gunships that fly high and they scan the area with a red spotlight before unleashing a devastating laser barrage once they find a threat – namely the players.\r\n\r\n”They keep moving but too early to understand the pattern,” commented one of the users who first shared the testimony of the attack of these new enemies.\r\nAs other players say, these new enemies remain stationary in place for a few seconds at most, and it is possible to shoot them down as easily as a normal landing ship. \r\nBut these flying enemies are not even the only new instruments of death of the Automaton, because other players report having sighted walkers similar to the AT-ATs from Star Wars, but much more imposing and fearsome.\r\nThe whole thing is thanks (or fault, depending on the case) to the game master of Helldivers 2 who, as in a Dungeons & Dragons campaign, decides from time to time what happens in the galactic war.\r\nIn the meantime the title has also been updated with some clearer and less subtle news, as the team explained in the latest patch notes.\r\nIf you want to become part of the democratic forces of Super Earth, know that you can find Helldivers 2 at the best price on Amazon in all its versions .

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