Tekken 8, features harmful to users will be removed

Tekken 8 is about to arrive and, shortly before launch, Bandai Namco decided to remove those accessibility features that were causing a lot of problems for some users.\r\nAccessibility in video games is an increasingly important topic for which developers are apply with dedication and, like many others, Tekken 8 will also have a colorblind filter among other tools.\r\nAs happens in many video games, the filter allows those with this particular vision condition to see the game in an optimal way, despite a different color display. In this way everyone can play Tekken 8 (you can pre-order it on Amazon) in the same way, something that every developer hopes for for their title.\r\nWe told you about it on these pages a few weeks ago, also showing how it works which we propose again below in a clip taken from the web:\r\n\n\t Why is no one talking about the color blind accessibility of Tekken 8. Literally no game has done this. pic.twitter.com/i8qdUYwpPP—SJS | Gatterall (@itwhiffed) December 27, 2023\n\n\n \n\r\nBandai Namco’s initiative is commendable because it allows everyone to enjoy Tekken 8 in the best way. Unfortunately, in reality, it seems that this is not the case.\r\nMany color-blind players and those with vision problems, as well as experts in manner and accessibility, had pointed out that the filters were on the contrary harmful, because they produced vertigos and migraines in the subjects who should have taken advantage of the tools.\r\nSo, as reported by IGN US, director Katsuhiro Harada has announced that the filters will be removed in the version of Tekken 8 that we will see at launch.\r\nHarada recently explained that the accessibility features were changed a lot, to address concerns that arose after the demos:\r\n\r\n«Many people talked about the accessibility features in the Tekken 8 demo. In reality, it was just a work in progress, so we’ve tweaked it quite a bit to try to address some of the issues and make sure it works better for a wider variety of people.”\r\n\r\nNow we’ll see if the end result lives up to expectations when Tekken 8 will be available from January 26, 2024.\r\nIn the meantime, Bandai Namco is preparing for launch, showing Lee Chaolan’s gameplay and the weight of the definitive game in GB.

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