Super Meat Boy Forever, the physical version will come “very soon”

Super Meat Boy Forever will definitely come out on the Nintendo Switch console, but when? To give a (partial) answer to the question we think the Team Meat, answering a question of the fans via Twitter.
The output will be in fact & # 8216; very, very soon & # 8217; so much so that the release date could arrive within December 8th. Just below, the original tweet of the developer.

Hey @SuperMeatBoy Any chance there will be a physical copy Can I buy the Super Meat Boy forever? That would be dope 🠙,
â € œThe Local Guy (@ THEL0CALGUY) 2 November 2018

In our review of the original chapter we defined it as “a small masterpiece of playability in the narrowest sense of the word”.
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Source: GoNintendo

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