Starfield is updated again: here are the news of the gigantic update

Starfield is continuing its interstellar journey in the world of video games with a certain stubbornness, because from today 1.10.31 is available which introduces many new features within Bethesda’s sci-fi blockbuster.\r\nThe development team is working hard on its flagship title, despite the fact that Starfield isn’t really managing to win over the public who aren’t treating it exactly well on Steam, according to the reviews.\r\nWho knows if Starfield will sooner or later be able to recover, while one can only say that Bethesda sit back because, just a few weeks ago, another update arrived with lots of new features.\r\nThe latest update starts by offering new ways to show off your modeling skills in space with the addition of new poses and expressions for the player and his companions.\r\nBut Bethesda has published a very long patchnote, one of the longest ever as you can see from the official website, which also talks about digipicks, among other things.\r\ “We also understand that digipicks are precious,” says Bethesda: “so we’ve made a change that allows you to cancel without the penalty cost of a digipick during the Security minigame.”\r\nAlong with tons of new gameplay features and to solving aesthetic problems (of which there are many), here’s what Bethesda focuses on:\r\n\r\nPHOTO MODE: added the ability to set expressions and poses on the player and companions in photo mode.\ r\nSCANNER: You can now open doors and collect with the scanner open.\r\nSetting the course on an inactive mission will now make it active.\r\nAdded support for adjusting the FOV when using the ship view in third person.\r\nAdded an anisotropic filter (PC) quality slider.\r\nRemoved the digitpick cost for using Undo during the Security minigame.\r\nAdded an autosave when fast traveling from the surface of a planet to orbit.\r\nUpdated the ship UI to run more smoothly at higher framerates.\r\n\r\nIf you want to take the opportunity to enter your ship and explore Starfield, know which you can also play on Xbox Game Pass by subscribing to the service via Amazon.

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