Starbreeze reduces costs after the disappointing sales of Overkill’s The Walking Dead

It’s not an exciting time, what Starbreeze is experiencing. As we learn from the colleagues of GamesIndustry, in fact, the disappointing sales of Overkillâ € â„¢ s The Walking Dead led the company to prepare a reorganization that will, in fact, lead to a cost cutting. The decision was taken in view of the â„¢ fiscal year 2019, for which after the Overkillâ € â„¢ s sales The Walking Dead Starbreeze has no rosy expectations. This led to the need for â € Å“revisioning operating costsâ € of software houses and â € Å“concentrating resources on the core businessâ €. At the moment, operations are being managed by CFO Sebastian Ahlskog, but Starbreeze has already hired another who will deal with it shortly. It remains to be seen whether the cost cutting will also lead to a (probable) staff cut and, if so, in what terms and measures. We have reviewed on our Overkillâ € â„¢ s The Walking Dead pages in recent days, highlighting the poor personality of the title, that although it is fun played with friends does not seem to fully exploit the name that leads. Articles CorrelatiThe Walking Dead developed by Overkill sled to 2018Send by The Walking DeadVotes of Overkillâ € â„¢ s The Walking Dead: even the lukewarm international criticismOverkillâ € â„¢ s The Walking Dead: Heather stars in the new trailer

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