Splinter Cell: trashed four projects in five years?

According to a leak that originally appeared on 4chan and reported on ResetEra, Ubisoft would have discarded four Splinter Cell theme projects within five years.

The cancellation would presumably have been due to the publisher’s dissatisfaction with the quality of the games or their lack of loyalty to the franchise.

The leak contains a list of Ubisoft studios involved in multiple projects but has been defined as at least incomplete and inaccurate in some ways by the moderation of the forum.

As explained in this leak, in 2012 a title would have been discarded in pre-production at Ubisoft Toronto in the days when Blacklist was being launched (and of this we have memory, having been discussed recently by Jade Raymond).

In 2014, the same fate would have been the case for a product from the Blood Dragon team, inside Ubisoft Montreal, which would have been in first person.

End of 2016 / beginning of 2017 Ubisoft Paris would have taken over the 2012 Toronto project and started building prototypes for an open world game of Splinter Cell.

The idea was to shoot it in Ubisoft Shanghai and develop it in tandem with Ghost Recon Breakpoint, but even in this case it wouldn’t have gone beyond pre-production.

Finally, the 2018 Walmart leak would have been confirmed by a VR title, a Spies vs Mercenaries spin-off, published exclusively for PS4. This would also have been discarded.

The information in question cannot be verified to date, so please take it as a simple rumor until proven otherwise.


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