SpazioGames Live: also The Game Awards among the live broadcasts of the week

It will be a week of those crackling, pace of the end of the year which is usually “calm”, from a videogame point of view. As the fans well know, in fact, the next few days will also be those of the The Game Awards , the now traditional final evening of the year, which rewards the best titles while hosting the announcement of several others. Could we not follow the event live, despite the prohibitive schedule? Obviously not!

Live broadcasts of the week on

This, then, is the schedule of the week on the pages of Gameshift:

  • Monday, 6.30 pm : Magic with Valentino;
  • Tuesday, hours 18.30 : special Q&A with Matteo and Domenico, in the company of a mysterious game!
  • Wednesday, 6.30pm : let’s see the new season of Destiny 2 with Pasquale;
  • Thursday, 6.30pm : last appointment with MediEvil in the company of Adriano;
  • Friday, 2.30am : live with The Game Awards , with Valentino, Pasquale, Matteo and the dark circles;
  • Friday , 18.30 : Post-Q&A The Game Awards with comments and impressions from Domenico and Pasquale.

You can follow all the appointments on our Twitch channel, also in the player in embed in this news.

Watch the Gameshift live video on

See you there!

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