Slay that Mazza: the video game that appeared in the Simpsons is here

> The (terrible) video game Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge , in Italian translated as Ammazza che Mazza , is one of the most exhilarating moments among those seen in the eleventh episode of the seventh season of The Simpsons . The fake game is inspired by Lee Trevino’s Fighting Golf released for Nintendo Entertainment System in the distant 1988, which featured the a former American golfer of Mexican origin.

Now, after twenty five years, a developer has decided to really make the title in question, making it playable online absolutely free.

Born from a collaboration between the ex-producer and writer of the Simpsons, Bill Oakley , and the developer Aaron Demeter, Ammazza che Mazza is in fact recreated in an absolutely faithful way to the original , complete with a synthesized voice.

The original episode sees Bart get into trouble after stealing to a copy of the video game Bone Storm . After being discovered, Marge tries to make Bart understand that he was wrong, so much so that the boy returns to the supermarket (place of theft) to buy a gift photo from his mother. After making peace with Bart, Marge gives her son a copy of a video game, but not the Bone Storm , but the hideous Lee Carvallo’s Putting Challenge .

Just below, find the original video in Italian of the episode of the Matt Groening series that shows the boring Golf title:

Can I suggest ‘feather touch’? You have chosen: maximum power! The ball is inside … the parking lot.

The video game can be downloaded at this address and can be played both from the browser and remotely if you decide to download it.

Incredible but true, in the game Carvallo will ask us whether to use Putter or Wood 3 and then between feather touch and maximum power. In case you decide to relive the exact sequence seen in the Simpsons cartoon, we suggest you choose Wood 3 and maximum power, consequently to the throwing of the ball which will end up (obviously) in the parking lot.

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