Silent Hill, here is the canceled portable chapter (inspired by the most famous episode)

For years, players have been clamoring for a new chapter of Silent Hill , capable of repeating the success of its predecessors (especially the trilogy original).

If Capcom’s Resident Evil is still alive and well thanks to the release of Village , the Konami series doesn’t seem to want to return to the scene.

Just a few days ago, Sam Barlow – creator of Her Story and Telling Lies – announced that Konami has turned him down for a new chapter in the series.

Now, as reported on Reddit , it seems that the Japanese publisher has also trashed a chapter of the horror saga aimed at the portable platform Nintendo DS .

The Silent Hill planned on the Big N dual-screen console was to be developed by Wayforward Technologies , also authors of Book of Memories (released on PSP).

Below, a video showing a tech demo of the game in action, commented by the developers:

According to some, the game is all too closely reminiscent of Dementium: The Ward , so much so that a large number of bloody and terrifying scenes in the title developed by Renegade Kid seem to be taken from a chapter of Silent Hill , excluding first person view.

The most surprising thing in the DS chapter that was never born, however, is the presence of James Sunderland , historical protagonist of one of the most beloved chapters of the series ever, namely Silent Hill 2 .

In the game, originally released on the PS2 console, James arrives at Silent Hill after receiving a mysterious letter, written by his dead ex-wife Mary Sheperd.

But not only that: have you already seen P.T. at 60 frames per second, thanks to the commitment of a fan who used an amazing AI?

We also remember that Konami will not take part in E3 2021, given that the Japanese giant has decided to skip the Los Angeles appointment.

Finally, on Gameshift you will also find our ranking of the best and worst chapters in the Silent Hill series.

If you want to get closer to the Silent Hill series, you can still buy its HD Collection for PS3.

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