Sekiro received new content and DLC for free, thanks to the fans

Among the most loved FromSoftware soulslikes ever, Sekiro Shadows Die Twice deserves more than one mention, so much so that fans have decided to donate to the game new content and DLC.

Without detracting from Elden Ring (you can get the Launch Edition in fast delivery on Amazon) and that it will still be a long time before to think about a possible sequel, the original game still has its reason.

Now, while a fan has decided to imagine what a possible Sekiro 2 made in Unreal Engine 5 would be like, there are those who still appreciate and support the base chapter.

As ​​also reported by DSO Gaming, in fact, a new Free content for Sekiro immediately adds upgraded bosses, new mechanics, and more.

The modder “ay001220” has released an interesting free mod for Sekiro Shadows Die Twice. This improves some bosses, adds new mechanics and, overall, tries to offer a significantly better gaming experience.

Going into the details, Land of Reeds Emptiness adds two unique mechanisms, called Bell and Soul Core. The Bell of Ritual Patrol is a large black bell similar to the “Ghost of the Bell”: using it, players can obtain additional props and permanent abilities. There are six of them in total and they can be found by exploring the game map.

Soul Core is instead basically a transformation mechanism: players can obtain it by collecting or defeating rare, powerful or elite enemies. Upon unlocking it in its final guise you will obtain the “Spirit of the Soul Core” forbearance tool.

You can download the mod from this address, totally free. Just above, however, you will also find a video that shows it in action.

Remaining on the subject, months ago the Chinese developer Papergames and 17ZHE Studio showed 45 minutes of videos taken from Project The Perceiver, a game that unceremoniously refers to Sekiro.

But that’s not all: we recently had the opportunity to review Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, another really noteworthy souls set in the Ancient Orient.

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