Saber isn’t in trouble, but Star Wars KOTOR Remake isn’t mentioned

Embracer Group recently formalized the sale of Saber Interactive for an impressive sum with, within, a series of intellectual properties and projects in development included in the maneuver.\r\nAmong these the most important is undoubtedly Star Wars KOTOR Remake , a turbulent project to say the least that has changed hands with Saber Interactive over the years and, although it has remained silent since its announcement, it has not yet been officially cancelled.\r\nWith the sale of Saber Interactive, made official yesterday by the parties case with all the details of the case, it is reasonable to imagine that above all the remake of the legendary Star Wars video game (the series of which you can find on Amazon) may have met a definitive end.\r\nHowever, this is not the case. Or at least we hope that’s not the case, as Saber Interactive’s COO Tim Willits said the company is still working, but didn’t mention Star Wars KOTOR Remake.\r\nIn a social media post Willits wanted to highlight Saber Interactive’s situation is clear after the recent news:\r\n\r\n\r\n«I have received many questions regarding the status of some of our previously announced projects now that Saber has separated from Embracer. I’m happy to confirm that we are still working on a number of titles, including Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine 2, John Carpenter’s Toxic Commando and Jurassic Park: Survival. We are so excited about these titles and can’t wait to share more with everyone soon.”\r\n\r\nAs you can see, what is inevitably the most important project of all (without taking anything away from the others) was not mentioned by Willits COO. Obviously we can’t help but wait for confirmation on the status of Star Wars KOTOR Remake.\r\nIt’s certainly not a good time in general for Star Wars video games, because even the return of another classic didn’t go very well, to use a euphemism.

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