Razer presents the Seiren Emote microphone

Razer announced Seiren Emote , the first professional-grade streaming microphone with an emoticon display. Razer Seiren Emote synchronizes the emoticons shown on the microphone with streaming events, allowing the streamers to engage their audience in a whole new way.

Central element is the first 8-bit emoticon LED display in the world based on Razer’s Emote Engine, which synchronizes emoticons making them interact with the actions of the public in the event of alerts, chat messages, new followers, donations and even more. Streamer are free to express themselves in a personalized way through hundreds of pre-configured emoticons or that they can customize, adding or designing them as you wish.

To entertain your audience, professional streamers need a crystal-clear microphone. Seiren Emote uses a hyper-cardioid pickup pattern that captures the subtle nuances of the voice, eliminating any background noise that could interrupt the transmission. The hyper-cardioid is an even more focused scheme than the simple cardioid, thus ensuring a greater reduction in background noise.

During agitated moments it is easy for the microphone to receive blows or bumps. To avoid unwanted noise, the Seiren Emote has a shock-resistant support.

The device will be available on the official website and at official retailers for the price of 189.99 € .

Source: Press Release

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